Tips to save energy on your Ceccato air compressor

Energy takes up more than 70% of the cost of owning and operating a compressor. It is important to know how this impacts your compressed air energy costs. 

Tips on how to save on energy costs while taking the environment into account.

1. Get the right pressure

Is your air compressor operating at the right pressure?

1 bar reduction will save 7% of the total power input

2. Prevent and repair leaks

Leaks in compressed air system can cause air loss and higher energy costs.

Leakage is also proportional to the working pressure. Lowering the pressure by only 0.3 bar reduces leakage by 4%.

3. Central controller

What happens when we have several compressors connected to the same air network, without central controller?

To start with, the running hours are not equalized, meaning that the maintenance visits are not synchronized.

The overall pressure band is large, as each compressor has its own a pressure band setting. As we know, a larger pressure band also means a greater energy consumption.

4. Maintain Your Compressor Correctly

Original air and oil filters, oil separators and service kits keep your compressor running as it should.

By ensuring high uptime and energy efficiency, long service intervals and extended equipment lifetime, they reduce your total cost of ownership.

0.1% less filtration efficiency means twice as many particles get through

A 25-mbar inlet pressure drop reduces output by 2%

A damaged compressor element costs 40% of the total equipment cost