What is drive train?

Drive train - has major impact on overall efficiency of a compressor.

Traditional drive train consists of 3 key parts of the drive train is the: Motor | Transmission | Element


Our drive train brings innovation & efficiency on all 3 key parts

  • New oil-cooled iPM (interior permanent magnet) motor
  • New integrated direct drive transmission
  • New design screw element

Benefits of integrated direct drive transmission

1. Improved energy efficiency & reduced energy costs

  • IE4 Super Premium Efficiency (1)
  • New generation in-house designed screw element, with improved efficiency (2)
  • Integrated direct drive transmission for minimal losses (3)
  • New inlet valve optimizes the inlet flow and improves efficiency (5)

2. Increased reliability extends lifetime and ensures peace of mind

  • iPM motor rated IP66 (1)
  • Globally renowned screw element, proven in thousands of installations (2)
  • Optimal cooling at all speeds and conditions thanks to oil-cooling principle (4)

3. Maintenance-free design minimizes downtime and improves productivity

  • No regreasing of the motor bearing needed (1)
  • Coupling-free direct drive design, no maintenance needed (3)
  • Maintenance-free new inlet valve (5)