Why do I need a dryer?

Compressed Air Dryers

Reliable, cost-effective and energy efficient Compressed Air Dryers to protect your installation

Protect your compressed air equipment

Dry air is an important parameter for lawless production and helps prevent corrosion, quality problems, downtime or additional maintenance costs

Energy-efficient and environmentally-compliant

Our compressed air dryers are designed to comply and often surpass environmental guidelines while using energy efficiently to reduce your carbon print

Air quality that supports product quality

We offer compressed air dryers with a dew point ranging from +3°C/37°F to 70°C/-94°F tailored to your compressed air requirements

Why do I need a dryer?

If you’ve ever worked with a compressor you may have noticed – compressed air is wet. What’s the reason? As water - in contrast to air - is incompressible, the amount of moisture per volume unit increases when air is compressed. The amount of moisture per volume unit is however limited for a certain temperature. Condensation will thus be formed when air is compressed. The simplest metaphor is a sponge; when you squeeze it together, the water drips out of it. The same process is true for your compressed air


Why does water need to be removed from your compressed air system?

  • Additional moisture causes corrosion in piping, valves, vessels, etc.
  • Your controls and pneumatics tools can malfunction, resulting in maintenance costs or even downtime.
  • It can contaminate your end product, resulting in quality issues.
  • Depending on climate conditions the water in your installation can form unwanted ice.
  • Micro-organisms nurture on humid conditions – so dry air helps to prevent microbial contamination.