How to maintain a rotary screw compressor 

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A rotary screw compressor comprises rotors, a motor, oil vessel, fan, filters, and possibly an integrated dryer. Regardless of motor or type, these machines are designed to be durable and fairly self-sufficient. 

However, as with any compressed air machine, it's important to regularly monitor continuous air flow for maximum uptime. With Ceccato, there's optional control technology for enhanced maintenance.

Econtrol 6i & ICONS


When ordering a rotary screw compressor from Ceccato, you can receive Econtrol 6i multiple compressor control and ICONS monitoring. These tools provide advanced control and help keep your compressed air system running smoothly.

This added insight also aids with monitoring temperature to keep the motor as cool as possible. Maintaining a low motor heat is essential when running compressed air machinery.

More specifically, ICONS lets you know the current status of your air compressor to aid in reducing downtime. These solutions are beneficial in maximizing productivity and keeping your total cost of ownership at a minimum

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts & service

If you're looking to keep your air compressor running smoothly, it's always best to use OEM parts. Whether you need replacement oil, lubricant, or a new filter, you'll want to make sure they're Ceccato certified.

Utilizing these parts will help expand the lifespan of your rotary screw air compressor. They'll also assist with keeping air pressure at its highest. In addition, when purchasing OEM parts, you'll benefit from authorized factory-trained professionals handling the service.

We've even created service kits designed for your compressed air set up.

Regular maintenance and extended warranty

It’s always a good idea to schedule regular maintenance of your air compressor. For even greater protection, Ceccato offers a 5 year extended warranty. 

This plan includes OEM parts and service. We’ll help you point out problems before they arise, so you can keep things running.

Reducing operational costs for your rotary screw compressor

All Ceccato compressors guarantee the availability of spare parts for 10 years. This means, we'll keep producing replacement pieces for your machine 10 years after the purchase date.

Since our equipment is designed with the highest quality parts, you'll likely find your rotary screw compressor has outlived this timeframe.

In some instances, it might be more cost-effective to replace your rotary screw air compressor set up. In doing so, you'll receive the most energy efficient compressed air technology.

The best compressed air solution for you!

We hope these online resources help you make the best decision for your business. The Ceccato team is available to discuss oil-injection and oil-free air compressor models and service options. To ensure you're benefiting from high efficiency air compression feel free to reach out. Our range offers solutions for nearly any rotary screw compressor need and application. Get in touch today.