Why choosing air compressors in industry’s production

The reason behind the usage of compressed air in industrial production is very simple: compressed air can power several types of tools, which concerns, among others, precision and measurement instruments and automated valves.

There are different ways to compress air, but the most common system is based on rotary engine. How does an air compressor works? The air flows into a dryer which cleans it from humidity and dust, and than it is distributed by a pipeline system.

Advantages of using compressed air in automation

Compressed air is very practical to use and thus, it finds application in different industries, such as pharmaceutical, automotive, and heavy manufacturing. The advantages regarding the usage of compressed air are huge. The main ones are listed in this article: 

  • The usage of compressed air is totally safe and ecological. Compressed air tends to be cleaner, and it never reacts with other chemical substances.
  • Air compressors are more and more efficient. Compared to other electronical devices, the entire air compressor system is way safer and lasts longer.
  • The easiness to access to compressed air. A compressed air piping system well located provides compressed air to all production machines barely immediately and at any moment.
  • Compressed air devices are highly reliable. The lower amount of internal electrical components and parts deeply reduce sudden stops and breakdowns. Additionally, compressors’ regular maintenance helps you avoiding production’s issues.  
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Characteristics of the main air compressors’ engines

The correct choice of compressors is related to production’s needs and specific functions. Once the usage of air tools and the amount of air needed are clear, choosing the type of air compressor becomes a piece of cake. The mains categories are:

  • Rotary screw compressors. The most common type of compressor pressurizes air as it passes through two internal rotors. These compressors are efficient and allows a huge energy and economical save. 
  • Pistons compressors. Thanks to a valve system, the air is pressurized thought the pistons which follows a descending and ascending movement within a cylinder. This type of compressor responds generally to a high and continuous air demand.

Choosing the right air compressor can widely help to cut production’s costs. To learn more about all air compressors and to explore the several advantages, get in contact with our experts!