Introducing the DRD75 IVR PM

Our most innovative and energy efficient compressor to date

February 9, 2020

Here at Ceccato Compressors, we are proud to introduce the revolutionary DRD75 IVR PM. This compressor is our most innovative and energy efficient compressor to date. Energy savings are taken to the next level of up to 45% as the drive train is combined with the variable speed technology. Read on to find out why this compressor is suitable for your production.


In-house Designed Interior Permanent Magnet Motor

The interior permanent magnet motor of the DRD75 has been designed in house and rated at IE4 super premium efficiency.  The highly efficient motor pushes energy efficiency to new heights resulting in major energy savings. Downtime is minimised and productivity increased as the permanent magnet motor is completely maintenance free. Optimal cooling is guaranteed at all speed and conditions as the interior permanent magnet motor is oil-cooled.

Motor Paired with the Latest Screw Elements

The interior permanent magnet motor is paired with the latest screw elements in the DRD75. The reliable and efficient screw elements have been designed and produced in-house and together with the motor rotate as one functional unit. This one rotating functional unit results in zero transmission losses. This integrated design stands out compared to other direct drive set up as it is coupling free and requires no maintenance.

Variable Speed Technology Results in Energy Savings

Make energy savings with the DRD 75 IVR PM as the imperium variable speed technology regulates the motor speed. The imperium inverter is designed in-house and matches the compressed air supply to the actual demand perfectly. This ensures that no energy is wasted, which will cut down your energy bill and spare the environment.

Monitor Key Parameters with the Easy to Use Graphical Controller

Also designed in-house is the graphical controller with a large 4.3-inch screen for easier operation for the user. The controller always monitors key parameters to ensure safe operation. Many possibilities are introduced with the integrated icons connectivity including remote monitoring, energy savings, increased productivity and ensure highest reliability.

Quality Filtration Increases the Reliability of the DRD75 IVR PM

The reliability of the DRD75 IVR PM is further increased using quality filtration. Dust particles are prevented from entering and damaging internal parts of the compressor with the two-stage air filter. The oil quality is maximised with the oil filter in the DRD75 IVR PM. The energy efficient radial fan provides optimal cooling air at a low noise level. The fan has been strategically placed at the side of the compressor.

Two Separate Cooler Blocks Reduce the Risk of Thermal Shock

To reduce the risk of thermal shock and increase reliability, the DRD75 IVR PM includes two separate cooler blocks with one for air and one for oil. These cooler blocks are mounted on gliding rails for easier access when cleaning and making service a one-person job. All components of the DRD75 IVR PM have a long lifetime and are easy to reach for a faster service and minimises downtime to your productivity.

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The DRD75 IVR PM is a revolutionary compressor that has been designed to make your production more successful. With this compressor you will see a reduction in your energy cost of up to 45%, increase your productivity and ensure the highest reliability for your operation. Speak to an expert today about the DRD75 IVR PM on 1300 555 284 or send us an email here


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