New DRM40-60 Fixed & Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors

March 14, 2021

Reliability of your Compressed Air System during Challenging Times

Reliability means the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well.

It is more than ever important for the manufacturers the reliability of their compressed air system during these challenging times.

Ceccato DRM40-60 Fixed & Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors


New Ceccato DRM series compressors are built keeping reliability in mind designed & manufactured in our Italian production plant. This the latest addition to the wide range of compressed air products by Ceccato Compressors.

Reliable state of the art Air End

Designed and Produced in-house since 2018 with latest production technology. The DRM range element has a Proven track record in the field with the use for other models. Good noise perception due to low RPM & Optimized for below <10 bar application with industry leading SER (Specific Energy Requirement) Levels.

Gear Drive Transmission for Greater Reliability

Benefits vs. belt driven Transmission include No belt tension, No belt replacement & No risk of misalignment Our precision designed gearbox can yield 30% reduction of thrust load on element bearings that increase the reliability of the compressor ensuring lower maintenance costs. Drive is 3% efficient than belt drive transmission and help reduce energy costs

Reliable OEM makes Reliable Products

Ceccato’s DRM series compressors are equipped with SIEMENS branded TEFC IE3 efficiency motors with Class F insulation & IP55 protection ensuring lower energy consumption.

Variable Speed Drive version of the DRM series is equipped with world renowned Danfoss Inverter that has Australia wide aftermarket support.

These world-renowned brands are very carefully qualified for extended time periods before final selection ensure the best reliability on the DRM series Air Compressors.

Increased Reliability through remote monitoring

User friendly ES4000 Touch controllers are used with DRM series air compressors. 4” touch screen display with Full control that protects the machine with sensors & algorithms. Clear overview on machine parameters & Remote monitoring via ICONS built in GPS communication allows to visualize service intervals and warnings.
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